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Frydenberg's Neg challenge is like climbing Everest with no oxygen | Katharine Murphy

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Producing hydrogen fuel for the road - animation

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Fueladdicts has a goal to become the Worlds leading Energy platform with your input. We have contact with all major European cities, companies,universities and governments and the knowledge to back you up in succeeding and becoming a Energy outperformer. If you had the possibility to post your news to key players on CNN, YouTube and leading energy papers or would have a channel with a Wow factor were all information is gathered and read would this be a major opportunity for your company to take? We have so many readers on a daily base that when joining Fueladdicts you have the advantage to upload your Energy content every minute, hour, week or month as much as you like. Fueladdicts services are cost effective and support you in your operations and communications. Want to become a quest writer and talk about your company or company ideas related to energy market?

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It brings stakeholders together and facilitates collaborations which lead to the implementation of new thinking and technologies, as well bringing together those at the forefront of innovative research, allowing them to exchange best practices and to develop innovative business models that benefit all participants. You do not need to look for companies engaged in the energy market, we do this for you on a daily base, all year round! Through a unique matching system we bring potential customers together allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors and providing information that directs you to the right people behind each initiative at the right time.

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The platform provides fantastic opportunities for networking companies in business, exhibitors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and academia, watch energy videos, find new trends, and get daily news. All users can create their own content and keep track of their favorite projects online.